Open House

Using the Virtual Home to demonstrate propane's flexibility and appeal.

Getting a prospective client to understand that propane can efficiently and dependably fuel the most desirable amenities in a home is the first step to selling a job or closing a sale. But how do you get them to really visualize all the propane applications that might be possible in a home? And how do you grow a project beyond the initial job of, say, a water heater replacement?

Enter our new online resource, the Virtual Home.

Designed to replicate the floor plan of a fully specced propane residence, the Virtual Home gives construction professionals and their clients a way to tour specific areas of a home, to explore product options, and to discuss project planning. A four-page home performance overview (PDF) is also available to be used as a tour guide.

The Virtual Home covers all the bases, from the front yard with flickering lantern, to the utility room with high-efficient heating, to the living room with direct-vent fireplace, and to the backyard, with flame effects, patio amenities, and even a mosquito eliminator.

This new resource is also a great way to find the online training courses relevant to the applications demonstrated in the home, as well as about general propane topics. The Virtual Home is open for tours on, anytime. For those interested in adding this interactive tool to their own website, please contact Tracy Burleson at the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC).

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