New Training Courses Available in Off-Line Format

Three new courses can be downloaded and retained for future reference.

The Propane Training Academy expanded its offering of training courses available off-line with print-ready PDF versions of three courses:

A PDF document allows users to print and study a course away from their computers. Users can also forward a PDF file to colleagues who they believe would benefit from the course, or they can retain copies for later reference. Completing the course for credit still requires users to pass the quiz, which they can take only online.

The first course, A Comparative Analysis of Residential Heating Systems, describes the various types of residential heating systems and how they compare in terms of first costs, operating costs, carbon emissions, and rates of payback. The course explains where certain types of HVAC systems may be most appropriate based on location, desired operating costs, or desired efficiency. The course focuses on a comparative heating systems study performed by Newport Partners, an independent research firm. The results of the study can be easily explored in the interactive Comparative Heating Map, below.

How do propane heating systems compare with alternatives in your project area? Updated for 2012.

Behind the Numbers
Learn more about the independent research behind the Comparative Heating Map.

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A walk-through of research findings.

The full analysis
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The Propane Interactive Training Module allows you to:

  • Estimate annual energy costs.
  • Lower a home's HERS index.
  • Identify the best heating system for your climate region.
  • Explore a fully integrated propane home.
  • Find high-perfomance propane products.

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A Comparative Analysis of Residential Water Heating Systems provides an energy, environmental, and economic analysis of 10 residential water heating systems in geographic locations throughout the United States. The course compares and contrasts the environmental and economic benefits of the systems in each climate to inform construction professionals' decisions on water heater selection. This course is also based on a Newport Partners study, Comparing Residential Water Heaters for Energy Use, Economics, and Emissions.

The third course, An Energy and Environmental Analysis of Propane Energy Pod Homes, examines the energy and environmental performance of homes built using the Propane Energy Pod, a model for new home construction that treats five applications of propane — space heating, water heating, cooking, clothes drying, and fireplaces — as components of an integrated, whole-home energy package. By treating these five highly marketable parts of a new home as a whole, the Propane Energy Pod illustrates the full impact of a propane-enabled home.

These three courses join six other courses already available in print-ready PDF versions:

To download and view the PDF versions of these courses, follow the links above to the course pages. Once there, click the PDF link to view instructions for accessing the file. As usual, those new to the Propane Training Academy will be asked to create a user account.

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New Training Courses Available in Off-Line Format


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