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Special Report: Propane-Enhanced Green Energy Systems

Green renewable energy systems are gaining popularity with consumers. With more homeowners and new home buyers interested in installing energy-efficient heating and cooling systems with cost and environmental concerns in mind, as their construction professional, you may be asked questions like, "Will my solar system always heat my water to the right temperature?" "How can I be sure my heat pump system will keep my house warm in the winter?"

Currently, these systems in all climates can't provide homeowners with the same comfort, convenience, and reliability that they have come to enjoy and expect with traditional heating and cooling systems. Fortunately, when these new systems are paired with traditional systems, they can maintain their environmental goals while still keeping homes at their preferred comfort level.

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) recently published a white paper that discusses how propane can enhance a variety of renewable energy-based systems and explains why propane is the best choice as a back-up fuel source. Efficient, versatile, and convenient, propane provides consumers with the reliability they expect and the comfort they want when combined with renewable energy systems like solar and heat pump systems.

When a renewable energy system such as solar thermal is unable to heat a home to the desired temperature because the sun isn't shining or the demand exceeds capacity, propane backs up the solar heat and provides the additional warmth needed. While these systems can be backed by other traditional fuel sources, propane is especially suitable as a partner because it emits significantly lower levels carbon dioxide when compared with electric and fuel oil systems. Propane can be used as an enhancement to a renewable system without compromising a customer's environmental goals.

Additionally, propane can be used as a backup in many home heating and water heating applications. If a consumer's heat pump, solar, or biomass system isn't enough to heat a home or provide enough hot water, propane efficiently steps in to provide the necessary energy in these and a variety of other applications.

To read more about green energy systems and the benefits of propane-enhanced green energy systems, download the white paper.

Supporting Green
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