Renovations and Retrofits

For homes with legacy utility systems, it's easy to make the switch to propane.

Propane's energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprint make it an attractive choice for homeowners seeking to remodel or simply upgrade an appliance. Whether your project is large or small, you'll want to alert your customers to the benefits of propane. Here are some areas that are especially good for remodeling and upgrades:

  • Cooking. In 2004, a Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) survey of 100 professional chefs found that 96 percent preferred to cook with gas. Propane stoves allow for greater control of heat levels than electric ranges and provide instant flame turnoff capabilities.
  • Furnaces and Fireplaces. Propane furnaces emit 69 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electric furances and 64 percent fewer than electric baseboard heaters. Energy Star-qualified propane furnaces are up to 15 percent more efficient than standard models. As for propane fireplaces, they are excellent secondary sources of heat. Traditional wood-burning fireplaces are about 15 percent efficient while propane fireplaces can be up to 85 percent efficient.
  • Grills. Propane gas grills heat faster than charcoal grills and release less carbon monoxide, particulate matter, and soot.
  • Pools and Spas. Propane heaters can warm pools and spas more quickly than electric heat pumps, and can maintain heat better in cold weather.
  • Water Heaters. Propane tankless water heaters can cost up to 60 percent less to operate than standard electric storage models. They also last 10 to 15 years longer than standard storage water heater units. Propane storage water heaters also have their appeal. A 50-gallon propane storage water heater can provide as much hot water as an 80-gallon electric unit in a four-person home with two full baths and a half bathroom.



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