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The 10 most cost-effective energy upgrades
A new study helps remodelers and home performance contractors prioritize ...
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A modern home that stays true to its Maine roots
Propane's flexibility and clean emissions profile are key to achieving the vision ...
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Report: Green building a key factor in reducing greenhouse gases
While the construction sector is a large contributor to ...
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Construction and design groups commit to resilience
Industry organizations are working together to ensure that buildings are prepared ...
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Two new technologies that save you money on the jobsite
Commercial-grade light towers and prime-rated generators ...
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Designing safe and efficient boiler heating
Propane boilers play a crucial role in delivering heat and hot water to commercial buildings.
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Gaining Ground
Over 40 years and through four incarnations of home building companies in Chicago, the Benach family learned a skill that allows them to compete against big, better-capitalized builders. The clan can build and sell homes on close-in suburban and urban infill projects where other national and regional Chicago builders can't or won't.

Learning From Great Outdoor Spaces
Revisiting the great public walkway in New York City known as The High Line last spring made me appreciate once again the power of design to make you see the world in fresh ways or as if for the first time.

How an energy-efficient mortgage can save you money
Source: Yahoo! Finance
The crippling cold, coupled with a growing desire for energy efficiency, has both prospective and existing homeowners considering the merits of a "green" mortgage. These energy-efficient mortgages are a way to finance home improvements, but they can result in higher monthly mortgage payments. Energy improvements also are increasingly valuable resale features.

HVAC for a 'Pretty Good House'
Source: Green Building Advisor
Matt Mesa is looking ahead to retirement in a new, one-level house in Hood River, Oregon. It's going to be a Pretty Good House, a phrase coined to describe a well-insulated house of an appropriate size.

Sound Surround
Source: Builder
Fireplaces generate a lot of heat. Both for open living areas like these in five townhomes overlooking Lake Union near downtown Seattle, as well as to the sales pitch for the developer. 

Senators take another crack at energy bill
Source: The Hill
The revamped energy efficiency legislation includes an extra 10 amendments.

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