Propane Energy Update — November

Propane Energy Update, September 2012Dazzling contemporary fireplaces; 5 reasons to consider autogas work trucks; a handy tool for battling heating costs.

Make Your Living Spaces Glow with Modern Fireplaces
Today's propane fireplaces are energy-efficient and better for the environment, and they're also available in dazzling contemporary looks.

5 Reasons Why Construction Pros Should Drive Trucks Fueled by Propane Autogas
This clean, cost-effective fuel provides a way for building pros to cut the operating costs for their pick-up trucks.

A Handy Tool for Battling Heating Costs
With heating bills set to rise this winter, the updated Propane Energy Calculator will help you meet customer demands for energy-efficient heating that reduces utility costs.

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Virtual Buildings
Tour our four sample commercial buildings to learn how propane fits into your specific project type.
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Propane Incentives
Learn about propane incentives in the fiscal cliff legislation and see if you qualify.
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