Propane Energy Update — August 2012

Propane Energy Update, June 2012How propane fits into the typical home construction schedule; protecting homes from unexpected power outages; ensuring successful propane system installations.

Planning for Propane: Timeline
While the timing of a propane system installation during home construction is rarely identical from project to project, here's where propane typically fits into your overall build schedule.

Protecting Homes from Unexpected Outages
With safe, reliable, and increasingly affordable technology, standby generators can help offer customers peace of mind during the storm season.

Ensuring Successful Propane System Installations
Propane professionals deliver the experience and know-how to ensure the propane systems in your homes operate safely and reliably.

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Virtual Buildings
Tour our four sample commercial buildings to learn how propane fits into your specific project type.
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Propane Incentives
Learn about propane incentives in the fiscal cliff legislation and see if you qualify.
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