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Learn more about the types of propane tanks and distribution systems builders and developers use to bring propane to their projects.

Commercial propane tanks can provide on-site propane storage for commercial building projects of any size, from the smallest commercial building to a sprawling resort or retail complex. As these courses show, there are two main types of propane tanks. DOT cylinders, familiar to homeowners with propane grills, are generally used above ground and typically don’t contain more than 25 gallons of propane. Horizontal ASME tanks can hold from 250 to more than 1,000 gallons and are safe to bury underground, out of sight. Working with a propane retailer is key to determining the best size and placement of propane tanks.
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Propane Gas Systems: Considerations for Commercial Construction

Propane is quickly expanding into commercial construction markets through innovations in commercial tank manufacturing and commercial distribution networks. This course will explore how propane is effectively used in commercial construction, specifically for six major interior applications: space heating, water heating, clothes drying, cooking, fireplaces, and dehumidification.
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Propane Gas Underground Systems: Residential Infrastructure Requirements and Energy Benefits

When planning and designing propane-fueled homes, many builders are choosing to keep the propane system out of sight and out of mind by installing underground tanks. For single-family homes in neighborhoods without a community propane tank system, an underground propane tank allows the owner to utilize propane for indoor and outdoor applications with little impact to the surrounding landscape. Underground tanks are environmentally friendly, low maintenance, and durable.
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Community Propane Systems: Environmental and Economic Advantages

Community propane systems, also known as jurisdictional systems, central pipe systems, or master meter systems, are extremely flexible and offer energy-efficient fuel options to an entire community. They provide a reliable, freestanding community pipeline capable of serving anywhere from dozens to thousands of residences from a central facility.
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