An energy source that helps you build smarter

A brand-new collection of cutting-edge resources helps you discover how you can use propane to meet economic, environmental, and efficiency goals for your commercial construction projects.

By Jeffrey Lee
Staff Writer

Earlier this year, we debuted the commercial construction edition of our Propane Energy Update newsletter to provide news, trends, and data that speak directly to the way you construct and operate your buildings. Throughout the year, we've been hard at work developing a brand-new collection of resources that help commercial construction professionals learn how they can improve the performance of their buildings with propane.

We're excited to share what we've learned.

What we've discovered is that in locations where natural gas is not available or requires expensive gas main installations, there is a tremendous opportunity for commercial construction professionals of all types to improve the performance of their buildings with propane. The resources below represent the groundwork for you to understand the role that propane systems can play in your buildings. Stay with us as we grow and continue our work to bring you high-quality news, resources, and tools to help you build better and more profitably.

Build with Propane Guide: Commercial Edition

Consider this guide your personal handbook to learn about propane systems, new technology, and products. It's packed with information you can put to use in your next project. From the basics of propane delivery and distribution to setting a timeline for the installation of propane systems, the handbook is a comprehensive resource to guide your energy source decisions.

Download the Build with Propane Guide here.


Virtual Commercial Buildings

Even if you've used propane before, it's likely that you haven't discovered all the ways propane can make your building perform better and more efficiently. We created the interactive virtual commercial building tool to highlight the applications and amenities that are right for your specific building type.

The interactive module takes you inside a propane-fueled school, restaurant, hotel, and pharmacy to show you the applications and considerations that owners and construction professionals should know for each type of building. In all, the tool describes the benefits of 35 different propane applications for heating, lighting, cooking, clothes drying, landscaping, and transportation.

Whether you're looking for new ideas or want to explore how propane fits into your project, click through these four buildings to see how propane can cut energy costs and improve performance.

Expanded Product Directory

We created the Propane Products and Appliances Directory as a central repository for you to find propane-fueled products that meet the performance goals of your project. We've recently expanded the directory with more than 100 commercial-grade products and added features that allow you to refine your search to products and equipment suitable for commercial projects.

Click through to check out the updated product directory. Choose Commercial as your product grade, and then browse heating systems, construction equipment, appliances, vehicles and more. You can also sort your results by efficiency level to find products that are most appropriate for your project.

New Training

Owners and construction professionals who want to take the next step in their propane education can access a new course at the Propane Training Academy. Propane Gas Systems: Considerations for Commercial Construction explores the use of propane in six major interior commercial applications: space heating, water heating, cooking, fireplaces, clothes drying, and dehumidification. It also discusses the use of propane in exterior applications, such as generators and patio amenities; the use of propane autogas in vehicles such as school buses and commercial mowers; and propane use on the jobsite for temporary heat and construction equipment.

The training course will also help you get to know the latest information on propane storage and distribution systems. With innovations in tank manufacturing and distribution networks, propane can be used as a primary energy source for any commercial building, from a remote park cabin to a sprawling luxury resort.

And since the program is registered for continuing professional education with the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Systems, it's a great way for architects to earn credit toward their professional designations.

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An energy source that helps you build smarter


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