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Training videos about propane systems and appliances

Ever wonder what makes a tankless water heater work? Wondering how to explain to your homeowner the benefit of a heating system upgrade? Check out our training video library for answers to common—and not so common—questions about propane applications.

Innovative Propane Heating Technologies

At the 2013 JLC Live conference, the Propane Education & Research Council partnered with Rinnai to deliver three training sessions packed with information about the latest propane heating technologies. If you weren't able to attend the Propane Innovation Pavilion in person, our video recaps of the sessions are a great way to catch up. Visit the JLC Live video page for video highlights of these three training courses.

Innovative Propane Technologies: Micro Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems use an internal combustion engine to generate heat as well as electricity. Usually found in commercial settings, CHP systems are not new. Recently, however, manufacturers have started offering smaller-scale versions suitable for residential or light commercial use. This video examines two CHP models currently on the market: the Ecopower by Marathon Engine Systems and the CP10WN-SPB by Yanmar America Corp.

The Propane Energy Pod

The Propane Energy Pod is a model for new construction that treats a home's five key areas of energy use—space heating, water heating, cooking, fireplaces, and clothes drying—as parts of a whole-home energy package. This video profiles a Pennsylvania builder that is using Pod principles to increase the energy efficiency of his products.

Whole-Home Energy-Efficiency Improvements with Propane

This video examines the place of propane space and water heating system upgrades against other energy-efficiency measures (EEMs) that a remodeling contractor may offer a homeowner. Considering immediate benefits, as well as long-term returns on investment, the video concludes that propane system upgrades rank high on a list of available EEMs.

Replacing an Electric Storage Water Heater with a Propane Tankless System

This video examines a typical water-heating system replacement scenario. In place of an aging and under-sized electric storage water heater, workers install a two-unit propane tankless system. The video explains how the higher-efficiency tankless system reduces energy use and eliminates performance issues that came with the older, electric system.

Converting an Oil-Fueled Boiler System to Propane

This video takes viewers through the steps of converting an oil-fueled boiler system to one based on high-efficiency propane. Such a retrofit is becoming popular in many states, especially in the New England region, among homeowners looking for energy savings and lower carbon emissions. Click here for part two of the video.

Propane Backup Systems for Solar Water Heating and Off-Grid Power

In this video, we review two cutting-edge products that offer the kind of energy efficiency and performance that more and more homeowners are asking for in their new homes and remodels. The Rinnai RH360 Solar Reheat Kit and the Generac Off-Grid Power Solution represent the kind of products that will help construction pros meet those homeowner needs through innovation and proven technology.

Installation of a Community Propane Tank

This video overviews best practices for the installation and use of a community propane tank. The discussion covers advantages of a shared tank (versus individual backyard tanks); considerations for residents; safety and maintenance; and marketing benefits to homebuyers.

Residential and Light Commercial Propane Applications

This video demonstrates the flexibility of propane as a primary fuel source for residential as well as light-commercial applications. From water heating for luxury homes to industrial strength laundry facilities for resort communities, propane enables developers and builders to meet demanding goals for performance, reliability, and sustainable use. The video also shows the correct and safe installation of an underground propane tank.

Design and Installation of Outdoor Propane Applications

This video provides an overview of the design and installation considerations for outdoor propane applications in a residential setting. Topics covered include best practices for water and space heating, fuel plumbing, and tank placement, as well as safety considerations for outdoor cooktops and fire features. The video also emphasizes the rising popularity of outdoor spaces among homeowners who desire a flexible, attractive living environment that can be created at lower cost than a finished interior room.

Tankless Water Heater Basics

This video goes under the hood of a residential tankless water heater to illustrate how it achieves better performance and energy efficiency than storage water heaters. Following an explanation of the individual components that make up each type of water heater, the video reviews installation techniques and best practices for maximizing efficiency.

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