Propane Energy Update — September 2012

Propane Energy Update, September 2012Eight facts about venting tankless water heaters; a builder's dream home fueled by propane; small-construction equipment that runs on propane.

8 Facts to Know About Venting Tankless Water Heaters
If venting concerns are keeping you from installing tankless water heaters on your projects, these tips might help you find a simpler, less expensive solution.

Propane Fuels Builder's Development and 'Dream Home'
John Mostoller uses propane in his own home to provide comfortable heat and upscale cooking amenities, making it easy for him to describe the benefits of propane to his customers.

Portable Convenience on the Jobsite
Construction professionals' options keep growing for portable, cleaner-fueled, and cost-saving small-construction equipment that runs on propane.

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