Propane is the cozy, convenient choice for home heating. In fact, a propane forced-air central furnace provides air flow up to 25 degrees warmer than an electric heat pump. And a propane furnace will typically last between 15 and 20 years — double the expected lifespan of an average electric heat pump.

Today's propane furnaces have low-profile designs, so they can fit into tight spaces with height restrictions or narrow side clearances. Many models can be installed and vented in a variety of ways, and some are even certified for zero clearance on side and back to sit flush against walls. Most units come with electronic ignition that activates the burners only when gas is needed. This enhances safety and efficiency, since it eliminates the need for standing pilot lights. In addition, propane gas furnaces are available with vent dampers, which improve efficiency by closing the flue to trap warm air in the house after a heating cycle is complete.

Exciting technological advances for propane furnaces include modulating burner/blower models, where the burner fire rate matches the heat demand for super-efficiency. The blower also adjusts the speed up or down, depending on the circulation need. These furnaces are the next generation in home heating.

Propane heating systems enable you to offer home buyers the ultimate in heating comfort and energy efficiency.

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